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August 21 – Being Music Parish Hall only

We are deeply appreciative the many varieties of music that accompany our lives. Might we extend this appreciation to wonder if perhaps we are the music that accompanies our lives . Lois Shapiro, FUUSN’s much-loved summer music coordinator will explore with us the theme of … read more.

August 14 – Keep Your Aspirations Alive Zoom Only

Former FUUSN member Michael Shenkman has spent a lifetime exploring how we can identify and realize our deepest aspirations. This commitment has informed Michael’s role as management consultant to leaders of American industry, but also led him to the publication of a suite of books … read more.

August 7 – Reparations Parish Hall only

Tim Wells will offer his thoughts on the issue of reparations for systematic deprivations of wealth within America’s African American communities.

July 31 – The Zambia Project Zoom only

Peter Smith will bring us news from FUUSN’s extraordinary AIDS orphan project which has impacted so many lives of children and families in Zambia, Africa. We will hear personal stories of society members who have participated directly in the project.

July 24 – Meditation Parish Hall only

This summer service will address some of the myths about meditation and will include a bit of history, research, music, readings, and, of course, a period of silent meditation. Come to share your regular practice with others, or to dip your toe into this beneficial … read more.

July 17 -Labor Policy and Income Inequality Zoom only

After decades of decline, we are in a time of rising commitment to worker rights. Have you ever belonged to a union? Do you support union organization in your field? How important do you fee labor rights are in addressing income inequality? Join us in … read more.