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FUUSN Writers Share their Recent Work

Sunday December 12 from 3:00 to 4:30 (Zoom)

Dear FUUSN friends and family near and distant,

Come warm yourselves at our December presentation of favorite memoir stories we’ve written this year. We hope our stories will touch you as they have touched us. By reading and listening together, we create a community of friends who get to know each other well. 

Members of Write for Your Life!  Include Luanne Baker, Kate Carney, Yenkuei Chuang, Elli Crocker, Barbara Deck, Karen Edwards, Phyllis Evan, Judy Friedman, Sandra Mahaniah, Barbara Powell, Bobbie Sproat, Mary White, and Margaret Zaleski.

Cathy Morocco, Facilitator 

We will send a Zoom link closer to the event.

Sponsored by the Over 60 Program


Ongoing initiatives:

**Brief Bereavement  Group – Small group, six sessions starting 

Oct. 17 – Claire  Willis, MSW, Leader 

**Regular Walking Group continues with Ruth Comstock

Please contact Ruth directly to join the  group’s email list. 


**FUUSN Pickleball  Group – Bruce Kimball, org.,  Outdoor courts at 

McGrath Park, Washington  St.    kimball.45@osu.edu

**Four Small Support Groups continue into their 5th year.