Healthy Baby/Healthy Child Holiday Gift-Giving Project ||

Healthy Baby/Healthy Child is a holiday gift-giving project sponsored by FUUSN in conjunction with the Boston Public Health Nurses. Children whose families are unable to provide gifts for them have been identified by the nurses. This is an opportunity for you and your children to give to others in need during the holiday season.

This year, you can provide a gift in one of two ways:

· Stop by the holiday tree in the Parish Hall on December 4th and 11th, pick up an ornament or two, and purchase a gift for a specific child. Please return unwrapped gifts to FUUSN by Sunday December 18th.

· You may purchase a gift for any age child using the Amazon wish list created by the nurses. The link is: The gifts should be shipped directly to Elise Morantus Petion at the gift registry address and need to be received by Sunday December 18th.

For more information see the flyer:

Thank you for your support!

Questions? Contact:
Wendy Atamian (617-997-9320,
Susan Bartlett (617-833-8682,

December 4 – Get Us Through December – Rev. Parisa Parsa ||

December – Faith

The nights are getting longer, calendars are getting busier, the weather is getting colder and all around us we’re being asked to celebrate epic stories that make claims bigger and wilder than reason tells us could be true. The wonder and delight we take in timeless stories is a source of spiritual comfort and a way to capture the longing that keeps us moving forward. This month we’ll sing together, explore the story of the Maccabees, and share in the traditions of Christmas Eve lessons, carols and pageant.

Much has been written, sung and spoken about faith over the millennia of human existence, and yet it’s one of the most challenging experiences to describe. As the world brims with anxiety about our collective future, how can this elusive spiritual principle help us to abide through long nights to arrive at new possibilities? 


Zoom Link for Sunday Services ||

Zoom Link for Sunday Services

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Meanwhile… from Rev. Parisa ||

Rooted in Faith

According to the World Health Organization, the Covid-19 pandemic has led to a 25% increase in depression and anxiety worldwide. Even as we think we are emerging from the pandemic, a sense of uncertainty about the unknowable future lingers deep in us. Feeling ‘on edge’ and a little adrift, we’re searching for anchors and for a return to some confidence in… something.

There are a lot of people selling confidence this season: Miraculous eye creams! A vacation package to take you away from it all! Just the tool you need at a low, low price! The exercise plan or diet plan or weird tricks to make you into the person you want to be! All if you ACT NOW.

We can also access plenty of platitudes suitable for printing on coffee mugs or distressed wood plaques to scatter about our houses. (I will admit I have a couple)

Yet all of these external things can’t replace the deep yearning we have to know there is some foundation we can rest on while our unsettled, uncertain selves try to manage the world. The Advent season is all about sitting close with that yearning, and somewhere inside it finding a way to trust in the possibility of goodness prevailing. Mary is visited by an angel who says that the injustices of this world will be upended, peace will be restored and the wicked will get their due. And then there are the weeks (months, if we take the gestation time literally) of waiting, in disbelief, but also in hope, for the best to come about. For new life to arrive and with it fresh chances for justice and peace.

This is not easy, but it is the core of faith: holding the vision for what could be and trusting it, and our ability to tune ourselves to it, enough to keep us from acting out of our worst fears.

As I have gotten to know the FUUSN community I see a lot of faith here: faith in one another and in this community’s strength to meet the challenges of this time. And I also know there are deep struggles with our fears: Will we be heard? Will we be seen and known? Will we survive as a community? What will the future look like?

In the midst of the busy-ness of the holiday season, as we encounter each other at the tree sale or the Holiday Fair, the Solstice Service, in social hour and on Christmas Eve, let’s find time to remind each other of what we know and love and trust in this community. That faith can root us in our deepest hopes and just may help us make them real.

Musing – November 30 ||

Come and sing carols in the Parish Hall at 11am this Saturday at the Holiday Fair!

For December’s worship theme of Faith, we have some beautiful music planned.
• December 4: our resident liturgical dance company, CreationDance, will present a new work; you’ll hear “Get Me Through
December” from the FUUSN Band; and the choir will sing James MacMillan’s glorious Advent song, “O Radiant Dawn.”

• December 11 is our annual Carol Sing Service. Come to sing beloved carols and jingle some bells. Fun for the whole family!
• December 18: Devin Schmueli will help us “explore lessons from Chanukah as a festival of lights.” We’ll sing a rousing
rendition of “Ochos Kandelikas” for Instant Choir and the Sop-Alto Choir will sing a gorgeous new song, “Where the Light
• Of course, on December 24 there will be lots of music, and many opportunities for you to join in: we invite children and
their families to sing and play bells in the Pageant service; Lois Shapiro and Carson Cooman will bring beauty to the 7pm
service; and all are welcome to sing with the choir at the 10:30pm music and readings service. Email Anne at

Alternative Coffee Hour on Sunday, December 4th ||

Are you looking for a new way to experience coffee hour? If so, here is an alternative. After you grab your coffee, feel free to join a small group (7 or 8) of fellow FUUSNites to discuss a topic or question from a list which will be provided. Just come to the Member Services table and you will be assigned to a group and meeting room, basically at random. In addition to engaging in interesting conversation, this will give you an opportunity to hopefully meet and get to know some folks. At first, the Member Services Committee is planning on holding these discussion groups once a month, but we will reconsider that depending on interest/demand.

Community Breakfast – December 11 ||

The Holiday Rush has begun. Just as Mom said, you have to have a good breakfast to meet the days challenges.

 FUUSN has the answer!

On Sunday December 11, from 9 AM to 10 AM , we will have the wonderful Community Breakfast in the Parish Hall

Fee:  $5 for Adults; $3 for youth 5 to 18 years old;  free- for children under 5 

FUUSN members and friends will get together to share  breakfast . The menu will include  plant-based offerings along with  different breakfast choices. Come meet some new folks and catch up with those you already know. 

If you would like to be part of the breakfast crew setting up, cooking, serving or cleaning up, please contact Chris Dame: 617-501-5471;  

It looks to be a  perfect morning, we hope you will be with us.

UU Plant-Based Eating Club Poll re: Cooking Classes ||

The UU Plant-Based Eating Club is planning to offer cooking classes in the FUUSN kitchen and potentially elsewhere. If you are interested, please take our poll to weigh in on what topics are of the most interest, such as cooking for one, meals on a budget, breakfast recipes, vegan substitutes, kid-friendly meals, etc. The poll is very short, and is at

Services Auction ||

After a long three year hiatus, it looks like we will again be able to hold our fun filled Services Auction. So plan now to be there on Saturday evening, February 4 in the Parish Hall.

You get dinner, beverages, and have FUN all for a measly $10 bucks. And you get free childcare if you need it.

Plus you get a chance to win cool stuff like vacation home weekends and gourmet dinners prepared by some of out best FUUSN chefs.

So plan to be there and start thinking about any services you can donate.

Lots more details to follow as the date gets closer.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Pat Rohan on behalf of the Fabulous FUUSN Services Auction Team

January Book Club Meetings of the UU Plant-Based Eating Club ||

Our first book group meeting is coming up! All are welcome to participate. We will be discussing “The Engine 2 Seven-Day Rescue Diet: Eat Plants, Lose Weight, Save Your Health,” by Rip Esselstyn. Available at the Newton Free Library, this book features the interesting story of how a group of firefighters in Texas decided to try plant-based eating in order to improve their health. The results may surprise you, and the book is also a treasure trove of healthy, easy-to-make, plant-based recipes. We will discuss the first half of the book in January and the second half in March. The January meetings will be held on Thursday January 12 at 7pm by Zoom (please register to get the Zoom link at and on Friday January 20 at 7pm in person at Dede Vittori’s house (please RSVP to Dede at Feel free to attend one or both.

Vespers ||


        Dec 2, 2022, 6:00 PM

        Dec 9, 2022, 6:00 PM

        Dec 30, 2022, 6:00 PM

Please download and import the following iCalendar (.ics) files to your calendar system.


Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 965 3211 2114

Recognizing Newborn Babies in 2022 ||

Send in the names,, and we will recognize your baby at the Christmas Eve Service.

Guest at Your Table ||

Our  UUSC Guest at Your Table boxes will be  collected Sunday December 18.  This supports the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee.  UUSC advances human rights worldwide.  They partner with communities displaced by climate change, work with communities affected by natural disasters and economic hardship, support the right to safety and justice to asylum seekers, defend access to water .  This program takes place during the holiday season.  Gifts of $150 or more are matched by the UU Congregation in Manhasset, NY.  Website for online donations: Donations payable to UUSC can be sent to: 

Appreciating FUUSN’s Strengths ||

As we launch the holiday season, I want to share a note of gratitude for all of the heart and soul that goes into making this congregation a thriving community. In no particular order, and certainly incomplete because I am new around these parts, here are some of the things I am appreciating as I get to know the FUUSN community:
• A spirit of collaboration and cooperation in the face of criticism or concern, and lay leaders who are willing to listen, stay curious and respond faithfully.

• A willingness to pitch in, pick up and make things happen: community breakfast, yard sale, tree unloading (and soon sales!), the holiday fair, the Christmas pageant…and so much more

• Deep dedication among those who week-in and week out make congregational life happen: coffee hour crew, the choir, religious exploration guides and aides, and of course our talented staff team

• Commitment to knitting together values-based community connections: the over 60’s group, plant based eating group, climate justice

• Devoted lay ministers supporting the congregation in times of need and carefully attending to long- and short-term pastoral needs

• Engagement with and support for our larger faith community conversations (Article II, UU Service Committee, UU Urban Ministry, and so many more)

• Supporting members and friends in justice projects around the region and around the globe

We’ll be building on these core strengths as we move through this interim time together. It is a delight to be with you on this journey.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Rev. Parisa

Visit to Cabot Park Village ||

Last Sunday, your Pre-K through Second Grade religious exploration group shared fellowship and a little bit of worship with our members who are residents of Cabot Park Village and had a chance to learn a bit about their days and the place they call home. We’ll be continuing to build intergenerational connections and reaching out to those who can’t always come to FUUSN in person. This is one of the unique offerings of a congregational community in the world, and a true joy to experience.

Volunteers – We Need You ||

We are celebrating our very successful Yard Sale because we had 53 people sign up to come and help. We had a lot of fun working together as a community and recycled an amazing amount of stuff.

The Holiday Fair needs all of you and more to come back and do it again. We start set up on Thursday night, Dec.1, put it all together Friday, Dec.2, sell from 9:30 am to 2:00 pm on Saturday, Dec.3 and put it all away on Saturday afternoon when we close to the public.

Please use the link below to sign up. If you want to contact anyone about the specific categories, the people in charge are:

Kit Ryan – Silent Auction
Barbara Schmitt – gifts
Denise Bousquet- jewelry
Julia Wolfe – baked goods, jams, jellies, sauces, pickles (all things edible in a jar)
Sandy Jones – toys
Cindy Orrell – crafts
Lisa Gresser – wreathes.

We have a team for books and Mike Arnott plans fair trade sales.

We will take donations from Sunday, November 27, on the stage after service. Please help us clear the space and put away the baby toys before we start filling it up.

The staff are leaving us parking space room on Friday, December 2 for drop off.

Questions? Comments? Call or write me and we at the Fair team will get you an answer.

Laurel Farnsworth

FUUSN: Holiday Fair Signups (

Holiday Fair Craft Table ||

FUUSN-Etsy, anyone? We’ve expanded the hand-crafted section of the Gift Table and are looking for gifts and treasures made by FUUSN folks and friends.

The possibilities are unlimited, but here are some things that have been or are likely to be popular with fair-goers:

•  Knitware and crochet— hats, gloves, scarves, mittens, sweaters, baby blankets
•  Candles–rolled beeswax candles are great to make with kids!
Woodcraft–coasters, cutting boards, wooden spoons, cribbage/game boards
Gifts for pets–toys, collars, bandanas, catnip toys
Toys and stuffed animals
Tableware–placemats, napkins, tablecloths and runners
Kitchen and cooking–Aprons for adults and children, pot holders, kitchen mitts
• Luggage tags, key chains, backpack decorations

I’d love to know if you will make–or have already made!–items to sell so we can plan space. I can collect your donations between now and the Fair, or you can bring them to FUUSN on the designated drop-off days before the Fair.