Membership Notes ||

The annual FUUSN summer picnic sponsored by the Member Services Committee is coming soon. This will be another great opportunity to reconnect with the FUUSN Community in person as we all hopefully continue to rebound from the pandemic restrictions. We hope to see you there. Details follow:

DATE: Wednesday, July 27, 2022                                                                                                                           

TIME: 5:00 – 7:30 pm.

WHERE: Site 2 in Auburndale Cove Park (on West Pine Street in Auburndale). Auburndale Cove has lots of free parking, grills, picnic tables, a playground and fields for all sorts of games. There are bathrooms which will close at 7PM.

 WHAT TO BRING: Your choice of meat/fish/veggie burgers/etc. to grill, plus a dish to share (salad, chips, watermelon, dessert). Bring your own beverages (non-alcoholic only). We’ll provide the charcoal, paper goods, cutlery and condiments.

Please contact Pat Rohan at with any questions. 


July 3 – No Service || Summer Services – 2022 ||

Sunday Services continue at FUUSN from June 19 through the entire summer except for July 4 and Labor Day. Many enjoy the informal quality of summer services and the opportunity to engage with the passionate commitments of fellow society members.  Each service includes Joys and Sorrows led by a Lay Minister, a meditation by Joan Caplan, poetry selected by Cathy Morocco, and music by Lois Shapiro or Chris Welles.  Services will start at 10:15 and conclude with lemonade – half will be in-person only, half zoom only. Check each week for that week’s format. Here are brief descriptions of the engaging themes that will animate summer services this year.

June 26 – Parish Hall only – Grieving and Bereavement

Grief is not a feeling any of us welcome. Yet we are all in the throes of grief from our personal, congregational and global losses.  How can we allow grief to strengthen us, increase our compassion and deepen our capacity to be with one another in our shared sorrow? This Sunday, the Over 60’s Committee will lead a service on the topic of opening to grief.


July 10 – Parish Hall only – Wealth, Cost, Debt, and Inequity in Higher Education
FUUSN’s Bruce Kimball has completed a new book on the history of finances of American higher education that will be published in September. His discoveries startled him, and speak directly to all of us as we consider the role of higher education in our own lives and how the nature of funding for higher education impacts the society in which we live.

July 17 – Zoom only – Labor Policy and Income Inequality
After decades of decline, we are in a time of rising commitment to worker rights. Have you ever belonged to a union? Do you support union organization in your field? How important do you fee labor rights are in addressing income inequality? Join us in reflecting on contemporary issues in labor policy. Curt Lamb will reflect on these issues., Music by Chris Welles will draw on the rich legacy of songs from the labor movement.

July 24 – Parish Hall only – Meditation
This summer service will address some of the myths about meditation and will include a bit of history, research, music, readings, and, of course, a period of silent meditation. Come to share your regular practice with others, or to dip your toe into this beneficial activity that can change your life. Wendy Schwartz will lead, with music by Lois Shapiro.

July 31 – Zoom only – The Zambia Project
Peter Smith will bring us news from FUUSN’s extraordinary AIDS orphan project which has impacted so many lives of children and families in Zambia, Africa. We will hear personal stories of society members who have participated directly in the project.

August 7 – Parish Hall only – Reparations
Tim Wells will offer his thoughts on the issue of reparations for systematic deprivations of wealth within America’s African American communities.

August 14 – Zoom only – Keep Your Aspirations Alive
Former FUUSN member Michael Shenkman has spent a lifetime exploring how we can identify and realize our deepest aspirations. This commitment has informed Michael’s role as management consultant to leaders of American industry, but also led him to the publication of a suite of books describing the fundamental varieties of human aspiration. Michael will share his journey with us, and present a framework for understanding and actualizing the deepest aspirations we might have for our lives on earth..

August – 21 – Parish Hall only – Being Music
We are deeply appreciative the many varieties of music that accompany our lives. Might we extend this appreciation to wonder if perhaps we are the music that accompanies our lives . Lois Shapiro, FUUSN’s much-loved summer music coordinator will explore with us the theme of “Being Music.”

August 28 – Zoom only – Religion and Science
Eric Olsen, FUUSN’s resident ecology scientist, will reflect on religion and science in his own evolution as a science activist.

September 4 – No Service (Labor Day)

Over 60s upcoming events for summer and early fall ||

Wednesday, June 15 at 6:30 at the West Newton Cinema. Acclaimed film entitled “All the Lonely People”. Purchase tix online ONLY at the West Newton Cinema. Co-sponsored by the Over 60s.

Sunday, June 26 at 9:30am. Over 60s Sunday Service. “Opening to Grief”. Claire Willis, Ruth Comstock, Cindy Orell, Jeannie Martin, and Joan Caplan

Thursday, September 15, 4:00. Ruth Kandel, MD. “A Geriatrician Speaks – What you Need to Know”

Saturday, September 24, “Environmental Warriors I: Individual Actions with Demie Stathopolis and Roger Luckmann”. 10:30 to 12:00

Saturday, October 22, “Environmental Warriors II: Collective Actions”. 10:30 to 12:00

Sunday, November 6, 12 – 1:30. Senior Housing Options. Alliance Room.

Newsletter Schedule ||

The last Newsletter will be June 29th
The deadline is Tuesday, June 28th

The Summer Newsletter will be August 17th
The deadline is Tuesday, August 16th

Change in Membership Coordinator Position and Title ||

Dear FUUSN community,

This past spring, the Board of Trustees and the Operations Council voted to change the title and job description of Heather Beasley Doyle’s position from Membership Coordinator to Membership Director and this change is included in the budget approved by FUUSN membership at our annual meeting. The change reflects the fact that her role has shifted from the largely administrative and supportive work of the recent membership coordinators to one of co-leadership of FUUSN’s shared membership ministry. She will be working closely with the member services committee, serving as their co-chair (with 2022-2023 co-chair, Connie Stubbs). As director, she will support the committee’s and teams’ decisions and actions while also providing vision and strategic leadership, working collaboratively with staff and FUUSN congregants to engage and integrate visitors, members, and friends into the life of the congregation, and to develop a comprehensive communications and outreach strategy. Member services programs and communications strategy, will be developed with input from staff, congregational leaders, and other congregants.

We look forward to working with Heather in this capacity, and we know that she’s looking forward to connecting with all of you.

Demie Stathoplos, on behalf of the Board of Trustees
Susan Bartlett, on behalf of the Operations Council