Musing – January 4, 2023

Sometimes I hear: “I’m just not good enough to join the choir.” I accept the comment, on behalf of your friends and fellow congregants in the choir, as a compliment to how they sound each week – though all of us in the Sanctuary Choir would say some weeks are WAY better than others! But I want to point out – not naming names – that we have several members who over time have morphed from “I’m just not good enough” to “I’ll try the choir for a bit” (certainly not intending any long-term commitment), to “I’ll be there” every Wed and every Sunday. They have become devoted and valued singers.

We have singers who have said and/or demonstrated that they are more proficient in, say, existentialist philosophy, or Turkish, or morel collecting, than in reading music. And I say to you that lo, these people too have understood the black dots, and improved, and over time they have become verily leaders of the pack.

Joking aside, being in the choir is really not about each of us as individuals with “good” voices or “bad” pitch or great rhythm or tin ears. It’s about deciding each week that we will come together and try some notes on, as it were. It’s being willing to laugh at our mistakes and work to correct them. It’s being willing to stand up and contribute to the worship service in a language different and somehow deeper than our daily one. And it’s about being together and creating wonderful relationships. So I invite you to join us – raise your voice and make a joyful and profound noise.

The Sanctuary Choir rehearses Wednesday evenings, 7.30-9pm in the Parish Hall, and Sunday mornings at 9am in the Sanctuary. It is completely possible to join us for only the 3-4 rehearsals that it takes to learn the music for any given Sunday, or for the 10-12 rehearsals to prepare for Music Sunday. Please contact Anne Watson Born with any questions (



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