Green Sanctuary Committee (GSC)

Who we are:

The environment in all of its beauty, power and vulnerability inspires the work of the GSC. Our activities provide avenues for Worship and Celebration, Sustainable Living, Religious Education, and Environmental Justice. Our events, meetings and our Committee are always open to new participants.

Sample of our activities:

  • Developing and maintaining a native plant garden to attract critters such as butterflies and people of all ages. Contact: Carrie van der Laan
  • Making healthy choices in personal products, foods, and products for our homes. Contact: Doris Lewis
  • Opportunities to reduce carbon emissions through good building practices. Contact: Laurel Farnsworth
  • Participating in rallies, climate meetings, and contacting policy makers to reduce carbon emissions and promote renewable energy. Contact: Mark Leicester
  • Participating in Earth Day events with FUUSN’s RE programs. Contact: Carrie van der Laan

We welcome participation on short-term and long-term projects:

  • Suggest ideas for environmental speakers or films
  • Write articles or blurbs for the GSC website or Facebook
  • Help to set up chairs, tables, and/or light lunch for an event
  • Share your special interest or concern with us
  • Join us for rallies or meetings with policymakers

If you are interested in getting involved, contact Carrie van der Laan!