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Committee Chair Phone Email
Adult Faith Development Devon Welles
Andrew Morse
Building & Grounds Laurel Farnsworth
B&G – Weddings Fran Clancy
By‑Laws Gordon Moriarty
Climate Task Force Demie Stathoplos
Committee on Ministry Brian Gill
Bill Horne
Liz Marshall
Lisa Gresser
Computer & Admin.Svcs Jud Leonard
Ferry Beach Chris O’Donnell
Finance Karen Bottar
Brian Gill
Financial Oversight Lucy Boyle
Josh Cohen
Dede Vittori
Holiday Fair – December Laurel Farnsworth
Ruth Comstock
Kit Ryan
Holiday Fair – Yard Sale Connie Stubbs
Sandy Jones
Denise Bousquet
Kieran Reynolds
Legacy Circle Brian Hicks
Bruce Kimball
Member Services Pat Rohan
Racial Justice Ministry Meg Holland
Jacqui James
Music Karen Burns
Over 60s Wendy Haskell
Connie Adkins
Personnel Policy Karen Davis
Preservation Gayle Smalley
Religious Ed. Council Stephanie Kendall
Sandy Island Denise Bousquet
Services Auction Pat Rohan
Social Action Lynn Holbein
Stewardship – Budget Drive Elisabeth Greer
Julia Huston
Michael Costello
Rob Gifford
Ushers Jeannie Chaisson
Welcoming Congregation Implementation Team Linda Ross
Worship Curt Lamb
Youth Coffeehouse Laura Thompson
Barbara Niles
Lorenz Glaser