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A Fond Farewell to FUUSN

One day last spring when then-Director of Religious Education Amanda Graff and I were talking about our work at FUUSN, she paused and got quiet. After a moment, she looked at me and said, “It’s kind of a weird job, isn’t it?”

It was hard … read more.

Membership Notes

FUUSN’s Emerging Membership Vision

With the help of crayons, paper, pens and large index cards, the member services committee brainstormed together about FUUSN’s membership future at a four-hour retreat on September 18. FUUSN’s interim minister, Rev.Parisa Parsa, and DRE Devin Shmueli joined us for a while: … read more.

Membership Notes

A New Church Year: Are you like Marcel the Shell?
[Spoiler alert: this movie discusses the plot of Marcel the Shell with Shoes On]

Have you seen the movie Marcel the Shell with Shoes On? It’s the documentary-style tale of a shell (yes, a shell) named … read more.

Membership Notes

The annual FUUSN summer picnic sponsored by the Member Services Committee is coming soon. This will be another great opportunity to reconnect with the FUUSN Community in person as we all hopefully continue to rebound from the pandemic restrictions. We hope to see you … read more.

A Joyful Sunday at FUUSN

As I walked closer to FUUSN from my car last Sunday morning, I spotted the peak of a white tent in the churchyard. Then, I smelled food cooking—a beckoning, welcome scent. And I felt a little sad for anyone in West Newton who … read more.

Appreciating the Collective Movement

I was away from FUUSN this Sunday for the first time since becoming your membership coordinator in early January. Instead, I was at the UU church where my son attends youth group, for their usually-annual youth worship service. 

Our family was last in that sanctuary on … read more.

Membership Survey (for Member Services)

I’m pleased to report that 72 of you have already responded to the membership survey that I shared last week. Thank you to everyone who has already taken the survey—and thank you, too, for the thought and care that you’ve put into your answers. It’s … read more.