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Updates from the R.E. Office

Last month, we had a very successful couple of field trips and some wonderful activities

On November 19th, our 8th-12th graders had their first youth group outing, which was to Puzzle Break. Thanks to Christine Helfrich for joining me as chaperone. Our next event will … read more.

On Forgiveness and Religious Exploration

You may have found yourself wondering: Why does Devin care so much about the language we use in our programming for children, youth, and families? The truth: I care because I grew up in a tradition that encouraged questions and provided many different answers, even … read more.

Religious Education

Dear FUUSN Members and Friends,

As I start my third week here at FUUSN, I am truly inspired by this congregation and excited for our future together. So far, I have gotten to know some of you, understand what you love about this congregation, and learn … read more.

RE Teachers Needed

We want YOU to teach RE next year! Yes, YOU*!

Do you love children? Are you interested in a rewarding and impactful experience that will connect you (or deepen your connection) with the FUUSN community? If so, you are exactly who we need … read more.

Search Committee Established for the new DLRE

Your Board of Trustees is pleased to announce that we have established an excellent team for our DLRE Search Committee. The committee consists of Stephanie St. Pierre, Deborah Bennett, Urban Larson, Jen Van Campen, and Chris Gaebler. The Committee is still seeking youth … read more.

Passover Seder – April 15

Dear FUUSN Community,

Our Passover Seder is scheduled for Friday April 15th 6-9pm and ALL are welcome!

If you plan on joining us please RSVP HERE by Tuesday April 12th. You will be asked for the number in your party and your individual food preferences, since … read more.

Religious Education

Dear FUUSN Families, Teachers, Mentors and Community,

As you know, FUUSN leadership has decided to close the building to all in person worship and congregational activities for the time being. This includes gathering for religious education classes. The board will reevaluate this decision at the end … read more.

RE Program

RE Programming starts SUNDAY September 19. We look forward to welcoming your children, visitors and friends back to learning and growing in spirit together Sunday mornings. Children and teachers will gather in the backyard off Highland Street at 10:30 am and head to their outdoor … read more.

Religious Education

Dear FUUSN Parents,

You are incredible! You are amazing! Over this past year you have answered demands far greater than you ever imagined you could. You have helped with online school when you should have been working, played when you would have liked to be resting, … read more.

R.E. Open House

Hi All-
Are you wondering what RE at FUUSN might look like next year for children? Or, are you wondering about how you might offer some volunteer time with the Children’s RE program? If so, please join us for an Open House. … read more.