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Change in Membership Coordinator Position and Title

Dear FUUSN community,

This past spring, the Board of Trustees and the Operations Council voted to change the title and job description of Heather Beasley Doyle’s position from Membership Coordinator to Membership Director and this change is included in the budget approved by FUUSN membership … read more.

Board of Trustees

Dear Beloved Community,

Members of the Board of Trustees (BOT) met this past week to discuss and reflect upon the removal of pictures of former FUUSN ministers and the congregation’s response, and to identify specific recommendations for next steps. We are writing to share our recommendations, … read more.

Thank you to the Village that is FUUSN

Your Board of Trustees is so appreciative of the work and dedication that so many FUUSN members and friends pour into our community. This month we are especially grateful for:

The Interim Ministry search committee (Barbara Schmitt, Chris Krebs & Stephanie Kendall) for their work selecting … read more.

Next Steps for FUUSN Parking Lot

Thank you to the many people who provided the Operations Council and Board of Trustees with your questions, concerns and opinions about the proposed parking lot expansion for FUUSN. Based on the feedback we received, both the Operations Council and Board of Trustees have … read more.

Listening Circle at FUUSN

Dear All,

People have strong feelings about the issue of the ministers’ pictures, and also the Eighth Principle proposal. We would like to give each of you the opportunity to voice your viewpoint, and to consider others’ perspectives, in a caring and respectful way. To do … read more.

An Expanded Parking Lot for FUUSN

Dear FUUSN Folks,

We have been approached by the developer of the Santander Bank (Mark Development) regarding expanding their initial offer to pay for and construct for us a parking lot.  The original offer was for 18 parking spaces, that would expand our current parking lot back … read more.

Board of Trustees and Operations Council

Dear FUUSN community,

The Operations Council along with FUUSN staff and our Board of Trustees have continued to monitor the Covid-19 metrics and changes in Newton city policies. We believe that we can begin to make incremental changes in our Sunday worship services.

Starting Sunday March … read more.

Board of Trustees

Dear FUUSN community,

Each year in September your Board of Trustees meets for an annual planning meeting to update our strategic vision for FUUSN’s future and to lay out our key strategic priorities for the upcoming year. This vision is based on our discernment of the … read more.

Board of Trustees

Dear FUUSN Community,

Your newly elected Board of Trustees is looking forward to continuing our work to promote our Congregation’s vision of a vibrant, diverse, and inclusive faith community in right relationship with one another. We are aware that the pandemic has taken a toll on … read more.