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Kathy Hearn Memorial Service

The memorial service for Kathy Hearn, long-time FUUSN member and lay minister, will take place at FUUSN this Saturday May 14 at 2:00 pm Eastern Time. For those wanting to attend but unable to be there in person, they can attend the service remotely … read more.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is preparing a slate of candidates for open FUUSN leadership positions for 2022-2023. We welcome nominations for the open positions. Nominees must be FUUSN members. The election will be held at our Annual Meeting on June 12, 2022. If you have any … read more.

Mark Your Calendars

Dear FUUSN, Our end of church year schedule will include the following events. Mark them on your calendars. More details (like specific times) will be coming as plans fall into place.
May 22 – Erin’s last sermon from our pulpit, and celebration of Erin’s ministry … read more.

Commemorate an Event or Loved One

With our Worship service returning to our sanctuary, you can help make the space even more beautiful by offering flowers for the chancel. Flowers may be professionally arranged, hand-gathered, or anything in between. Whether in celebration, in honor, or in memory, your flowers will bring … read more.

Children’s Music Coordinator

Dear beloved FUUSN community,

I’ve never been good at keeping things short, so I’ll begin with a brief synopsis of this note: After careful consideration, I have decided to leave my position at FUUSN in a few weeks to explore new professional pursuits. I have deeply … read more.


The Operations Council along with FUUSN staff and our Board of Trustees have continued to monitor the Covid-19 metrics and now believe that it is safe to return to in-person worship services and religious education programming. The number of infections and both the incidence and … read more.

An Acknowledgement


Your Board of Trustees would like to acknowledge the gifts that Amanda has brought to us as Director of Religious Education over the past 4 years. Her energy, warmth and humor (and amazing handstands!) have engaged our children, youth and families as well … read more.

Sad News

Kathy Hearn, former long time FUUSN member and lay minister, died last Friday. Her daughter, Jennifer Puntonio called today to let us know.

Annual Budget Drive

Make A Difference – Join the FUUSN Annual Budget Drive Team!
Dear FUUSN community:

This time of year the FUUSN Board assembles a team to lead the Annual Budget Drive (“ABD”). The ABD is the single most impactful activity that enables FUUSN’s services, religious education, … read more.

Minister’s Discretionary Fund

Minister’s Discretionary Fund: This Fund exists at the heart of our common ministry. It is used throughout the year to help members of our community, both here at FUUSN and the larger community of which we are a part, find a way through difficult times. … read more.