Memorial Services in June

FUUSN members and friends are invited and encouraged to attend the memorial services of members. Whether you were a close friend or a passing acquaintance, a big part of our commitment to one another is showing up for the families of those who have passed. … read more.

Fun Night Learning Non-White History

We had a fun and educational Monday evening event with several rounds of “Do you know who…” showcasing important contributions to science, arts, culture, and health by Non-White folks who typically do not get credit for their accomplishments. 

The event was part of a … read more.

About Us


This Sunday, we will have an opportunity to remember loved ones, friends and members of our community who have passed but who are still with us in spirit.

We also hold in our hearts the memory of these FUUSN members who died in April … read more.

Sundays in June

June 4th
Religious Exploration Sunday Devin Shmueli

June 11th
Flower Ceremony Rev. Parisa Parsa
This year marks 100 years since Norbert Čapek initiated the flower ceremony at the congregation he served in Prague. The flower ceremony is meant to celebrate the ways we come together, … read more.


From a FUUSN parent:

I asked our grown children what their favorite things were as kids on Sandy Island:

“Kayaking around the island, s’mores and campfire, talent show, four square, softball, scavenger hunts. Freedom.”
“Bocce, the softball game, ultimate frisbee, getting soda and snacks at … read more.

Annual Reports

Calling All Committee Chairs! Let the rest of the congregation know what a great time you had chairing your committee. The deadline for your submission to the Annual Report is Friday, May 18. Send your submissions to Thank you.

Pledge Drive Update

As of this writing we have 223 pledges and have raised $566,646. We are 92% to our goal!
We must turn in our budget to the Finance Committee on Monday, May 15. Please get your pledge in so that it is reflected in the budget! … read more.

Care Crew Update

The Care Crew is a group of volunteers who assist FUUSN members who have expressed a need such as rides, meals, visiting, etc. Until recently, these requests were fielded by the lay ministers who then contacted the Care Crew volunteers.

There have been some … read more.

Dinners for 7 – Saturday, May 13

This will be the last dinner of the church year. If you’re interested in sharing a meal with a small group in a member’s home, this is the event for you. The host provides the main course, and guests are assigned a side dish or … read more.