Author: Fran Clancy

Nominating Committee

Dear FUUSN Members,

You make FUUSN happen! The FUUSN Nominating Committee is now seeking nominations for the Society’s elected leadership positions for 2021-2022. We invite you to submit the names of FUUSN Members you would like to see in the leadership roles that are so vital … read more.

From the FUUSN Board of Trustees

To the members and friends of FUUSN:

Each year, the FUUSN Board of Trustees sets priorities for our work for the coming year based on our reading of the needs and priorities of the congregation as a whole. These priorities are most relevant to the immediate … read more.

Nominating Committee

Dear FUUSNites,

You can make a difference! The 2021 Nominating Committee is proud to announce the start of the process for electing FUUSN leaders for 2021-2022.

Coming soon to your in-box will be a list of the open positions, descriptions of the roles and information about … read more.

Over 60s News for 2021

To the entire congregation: Please join us for our planned presentations, creative salons and interests groups!
                                Presentation Calendar for Winter 2021
Thursday. May 20 3- 5:30pm – … read more.

A Note from Rowan Van Ness

Hello FUUSN! For those of you who don’t know, you are my “sponsoring congregation” in the process of my ministerial formation. This means that the board voted to affirm the congregation’s support for my process of formation. At this point, I’m wrapping up my third … read more.

Social Action

Our Social Action Committee is regrouping. I’ve been chairing it for several years, during which we’ve had a series of speakers, read and studied “The New Jim Crow” by Michelle Alexander, continued our long-standing visits to work with college students in the B.U. Partakers Program, … read more.

Healthy Vegan Supper Club

Are you looking to eat more healthy food, reduce your environmental impact, or live more compassionately and respectfully of the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part? Then the FUUSN Healthy Vegan Supper Club is for you! We usually meet … read more.

Legacy Circle Appeal: Building FUUSN’S Future.

Over the last three months, members of FUUSN’s Legacy Circle have begun personally inviting members of the congregation to join us and widen the Legacy Circle.

The purpose of the Legacy Circle is help ensure the future of FUUSN by strengthening its financial foundation, particularly by … read more.