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What does the Coordinator of Member Support and Development do?

What does the Coordinator of Member Support and Development do?

One of the three goals of this year’s annual budget drive is to increase our Coordinator of Member Support & Development position from 23 hours per week to full-time. Some have asked what that would mean for FUSN.

Currently, Kristin Cleveland spends about 14 hours each week (Sunday mornings and most of her Tuesday hours) working to help FUSN welcome visitors and provide them with the resources they need to make a decision about whether or not to joining the FUSN community.  That crucial focus leaves only about 9 hours per week to work on other important components of her job, supporting and facilitating the development of deep connections between all members, helping to create a richly supportive spiritual community.

FUSN is a vibrant congregation with a strong RE program, diverse opportunities to do social justice work, an extremely talented array of musicians, etc. With all this energy and activity, FUSN can seem overwhelming at times, and it may be hard for some people to find places to connect. With increased hours, Kristin can spend more time working to develop ways that can enhance the deep connections that we all have at FUSN.

Here is what Kristin has been doing in the last year to contribute to our deeply connected congregational life:

  • Fostering a sense of place by interviewing FUSN’s long-term members about their experiences in the FUSN community
  • Coordinating FUSN’s participation in the 2011 and 2012 Boston Pride Parades    
  • Assisting congregants Rachel Yee and Leah Dusett in creating FUSN Fun Nights, casual evenings where people from FUSN can gather for games, music, and socializing
  • Working with FUSN’s Membership and Communications Committee to create a printed and online photo directory
  • Coordinating a lay-led worship service at Ferry Beach this past fall      
  • Assisting in publicizing FUSN events through FUSN’s listserve, Facebook page, and FUSNews    
  • Working with FUSN’s Membership Committee to coordinate the fall 2011 Halloween party    
  • Serving as a staff liaison to FUSN’s Communications Committee    
  • Working with FUSN’s Board of Trustees & Operations Council to host the Jan. 19 dinner that featured the Urban family’s experiences of being UU in Germany
  • Participating in the UU Association of Membership Professionals workshops and listserve exchanges to learn more about enhancing the quality of people’s experiences in their congregations

If our Member Support & Development position were full time, Kristin focus her additional hours on further developing congregational life. Some projects that could be added include the following: 

  • Assisting in coordinating more events where socializing and fellowship are a primary focus, sometimes combined with educational and/or cultural exchange components (events such as the German UU dinner, Dinners for Seven, a Passover Seder, and celebrations of other holidays)
  • Collaborating with FUSN staff and committee chairs to facilitate smoother transitions for FUSN members when life events change their relationship to FUSN (such as when children graduate from RE or from high school, or when a job is lost, et cetera)
  • Increasing the flows of communication within FUSN to make FUSN more accessible and supportive to all of its members 
  • Providing staff support to help FUSN committees fulfill great ideas they’ve wanted to do for years, 
  • And more (there’s always more).

Our Coordinator of Member Support & Development position has only been in place for a year -- but what a year it has been. The goal of increasing the position to full-time is one that both acknowledges a current need and plans for the future - a future that is firmly grounded on sustaining the care and connection that is so important to our community.



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