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Policies Profile Web Site Principles and Practices

Web Site Management

The FUSN Web Team, led by the FUSN Communications chair, is responsible for overall management and maintenance of including refreshing web site content, managing individual accounts, and cultivating and training appropriate content managers and contributors.

The Board of Trustees has delegated oversight of web site management to the Operations Council. is a publication of the First Unitarian Society in Newton, MA.


Access to Restricted Pages

Most pages are open to the public. At the request of the board of trustees, some pages with personal contact information are restricted to people with accounts. These include the FUSNews and the leadership list.

All members and friends are encouraged to set up individual accounts so they can follow FUSN business and take part in interactive opportunities.

The webster (the UU term for webmaster) grants accounts to any known member or friend of FUSN. When an unknown person requests an account, the webster makes a best-effort search to determine if the request is legitimate—i.e. the person is a local resident, etc. In some cases, the webster sends the requester an email asking for confirmation of their interest in the community. Obviously fraudulent requests are deleted.


Web Site Content

The FUSN home page content includes news briefs, upcoming services, community tools, upcoming events, plus log in and search boxes and rotating photos of community activities.

Feature items on the home page reflect FUSN activities and news. The feature area may also include noteworthy info and links to the UUA/Mass Bay information and reflections that are relevant to the community.

The FUSN Web Team is responsible for maintaining the home page, other high-level web pages, and any page not maintained by a designated content editor.

Community members are asked to email Webster [at] fusn [dot] org with information and suggestions for home page and other page updates. Information submitted to the webster should be accurate and approved, if needed, by relevant boards and committees.

Upcoming events are posted on the home page automatically if the event planner requests home page listing when the event is submitted for the FUSN calendar. Check with office [at] fusn [dot] org if the event does not appear on the home page beginning two weeks prior to the event.


Content Managers

The FUSN web site, designed to be a community resource, should be updated on a regular basis. To that end, members of the FUSN web team, staff, and designated content managers are responsible for keeping timely, accurate, and objective information on the web site.

FUSN staff are encouraged to maintain the web pages relevant to their roles.

The web team grants content editing rights to lay leaders (or their appointees) who agree to maintain information on pages relevant to their community activities. The webster will maintain a list of content managers, their pages, and level of access.

Content managers, who must be approved by a member of the core FUSN web team, agree to

1. Maintain a specific web page(s) related to their community role;

2. Restrict their work to only designated pages;

3. Make sure their additions are clearly written, accurate, proofread, conform to the FUSN style guide (see About This Website). and that any sensitive information is cleared with appropriate FUSN leaders.


Group Page Content

Group pages should include an email address or other contact information so readers can get in touch with the group about joining or other matters.

Group pages that advocate for particular social, legal, and political views should include a disclaimer statement:

N.B.: The views expressed by this group are not official FUSN policies; they are the opinions of participating members.


Other Policies

Content on will follow readability and accessibility guidelines published under About This Site:

Photos on will reflect the broad activities and engagement of the community. No children will be identified by name. In general, captions will describe the content of the photo but not include adult names unless the individual grants permission. does not yet publish multimedia (as early 2010). If multimedia is published in the future, material will be added to the website only if the material is core to FUSN’s mission and if the material complies with U.S. copyright laws. content is designed to be readable on a wide ranged of platforms and browsers, enabling access to diverse readers.

FUSN is a non-profit organization and the web site should not contain any content that would jeopardize that status. should not include language that is offensive, violates UU principles, or is designed for commercial self promotion (except in designated areas such as the Yellow Pages.)

The webster, in consultation with the minister and the Operations Council, may remove Web site privileges from anyone who misuses these privileges.


FUSN Web Team 2010

Core team:

Nancy DuVergne Smith (communications chair) co-webster

Greg Sullivan, co-webster

Joyce Pollock

Carla Erb


Other members:

Noreen Kimball

Eileen Kurkoski

Eric Golin


Contact emails:

Webster [at] fusn [dot] org - goes to Nancy and Greg

Web-help [at] fusn [dot] org - goes to Greg and Carla



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