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Social Action at FUSN

Rev. Erin Splaine, Board Chair Charlie Watts, and Rev. Meghan Cefalu celebrate the 10th anniversary of equal marriage with cake.

We nurture our spirits and put our faith into action through social justice work in our communities and the wider world. FUSN members are rightly proud of our many decades of social action, yet so much remains to be done.

In the hope of making our efforts simple, transparent, and accessible, FUSN’s 25+ Social Action groups are divided into Five Task Forces.

Council for Social Action: Barney Freiberg‐Dale;  Joyce Pollock; Lynn Holbein;  Peter Smith; Elaine Pratt;  Julia Severino, Youth Rep; Rev. Cheryl Lloyd, Community Minister, and

Barney Freiberg‐Dale 617‐795‐2727, barney [at] BostonAreaAngels [dot] com
Lynn Holbein 617‐244‐8260, lynnholbein [at] gmail [dot] com

Details on the many events associated with social action at FUSN can be found on the FUSN Social Action Calendar.

Advocacy Task Force

Mission: Most social action rescues the victims of our flawed system. Advocacy aims to address and change the root causes of these problems, through education, grassroots activism, and by influencing legislators and other decision makers. (More on this task force.)
Contact person: Peter Smith


Allies for Economic and Racial Justice Task Force

Mission: To pursue social change and foster dialogue by breaking down barriers due to inequities based on race, class, or culture, and by working with partner organizations. (More on this task force.)
Contacts: Josie Greene and Judy Friedman


Criminal Justice Task Force

Mission: Help those who are incarcerated re-vision their lives in a positive direction. Educate ourselves about life behind bars. Become advocates for a humane criminal justice system. (More on this task force.)
Contact person: Linda Rinearson


Hunger and Homelessness Task Force

Mission: Educate FUSN community and provide physical and psychological help to Massachusetts residents and families suffering from hunger and/or homelessness. (More on this task force.)
Contact person: Judy Zacek


International Partnerships Task Force

Mission: Establish and nurture mutually beneficial, egalitarian working relationships with organizations and/or individuals doing work to support members of our human family around the globe. (More on this task force.)
Contact person: Charlie Watts



Upcoming Services

February 1, 2015 - 10:15am
Rev. Erin Splaine
February 8, 2015 - 10:15am
Rev. Marta Flanagan
February 15, 2015 - 10:15am
Rev. Erin Splaine



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