First Unitarian Society in Newton

Organizational Structure

FUSN's Organizational Structure

This is the working governance structure FUSN implemented on a trial basis in 2009-2010:



FUSN Governance Structure

Board of Trustees

An eleven-person Board of Trustees has overall authority over church finances, staffing, and policy-making. Nine trustees are elected by the members of the society and each serve three-year terms with three new members elected at each annual meeting of the society. The board members elect a chair and vice chair from their members. One youth member is appointed to the board for a one-year term, and the treasurer of the society is also a member of the board by virtue of the office.

Proposed under new governance: A seven-person Board of Trustees has authority over long-term planning, church finances, and high level policy. The Board of Trustees is responsible for seeing that all evaluations of ministers, programs, and operations are done. Six trustees each serve three-year terms. One youth member will be elected to the board for a one-year term.

Operations Council

Proposed under new governance: The Operations Council replaces the Church Council. The Operations Council is responsible for daily operations of the society and has six members who oversee six general areas:

Worship, Education, Fellowship, Stewardship, Outreach, Fundamentals/Administration.

The treasurer is also a member of the council.

Steering Committee

Proposed under new governance: The Steering Committee consists of the BOT Chair, the minister, DLRE, and the Ops Council chair – it helps route decisions and problems to the appropriate entity, but makes no decisions. It can also inform people of precedent when known.


Much of the day-to-day, focused activities take place in the context of committee work.  Follow the link above for a list of the FUSN Committees.

Upcoming Services

August 28, 2016 - 9:30am
Mandy Beal


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