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Newton Passes Resolution Calling for Military Budget Cuts

On October 19, 2009, the Newton Board of Aldermen passed a resolution originated by members of Newton Dialogues on Peace and War and sponsored by Alderman Ted Hess-Mahan in support of Congressman Barney Frank's call to Cut the Military Budget by 25 percent.

The full text of the resolution (which passed without any changes) is below. We would like to thank Alderman Hess-Mahan for his efforts in shepherding this resolution through the Board of Aldermen and to the other 12 Aldermen who voted in favor of this resolution.

It is important that both of these important documents are widely publicized to influence the public dialogue into more constructive avenues than the foolish "how many more troops will it take to win the War on Terror". On Monday, October 26 at 8pm (116 Church Street, Newton Corner), a meeting will be held at the home of Dan Shaw to plan further activities to build public support for Congressman Frank's initiative. Please do come and share your ideas and energy to help with this important endeavor.

Feel free to send your own letters to the editors of the Boston Globe, the Newton Tab, the New York Times to let people know that the dots can be connected and have been connected - 8 years of US troops lurching around Iraq and Afghanistan, with who knows how many more years ahead of us can only lead us further into economic chaos. A country in the 21st century that cannot offer its young people a better job than joining the military is a country that is unlikely to have a bright future. Of course, President Obama already knows all this. He said it all during his presidential campaign. He needs to know that more and more people in this country understand this

Also attached to the message is the text of an open letter to President Barack Obama written by Boston Mayor Thomas Menino calling for the President to support Congressman Frank's proposal and to use the savings to "reinvest in our nation’s cities and economy." Maybe Deval Patrick can start connecting the dots too?

Dave Ascher, Newton Dialogues on Peace and War





1. WHEREAS, Our country is in need of good governance, and its bloated military

budget is an example of endemic poor governance, and

2. WHEREAS, The military budget doubled during the Bush presidency to an

amount equal to the military budgets of the rest of the world combined, and

3. WHEREAS, The military budget is much larger than is necessary for the

legitimate defense needs of the nation, and

4. WHEREAS, The military budget excesses take money away from Newton

schools and essential human services programs,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Newton Board of Aldermen

1. endorses Representative Barney Frank’s proposal to reduce the military

budget by 25%

2. endorses the goal of using the reduction in military spending to fund

programs to meet the needs of the people of Newton and of the United States

3. endorses the goal of using the reduction in military spending to meet the

needs of returning armed forces personnel and veterans

4. endorses the goal of continuing to reduce the budget until it has shrunk to

the amount necessary for the purposes of legitimate defense of the United


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Newton Board of Alderman shall send copies

of this resolution to:

President Barack Obama, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, Secretary of State

Hillary Clinton,

All members of the Massachusetts Congressional and Senatorial delegation,

Governor Deval Patrick, Mayor David Cohen and to the Newton TAB, the major

Boston-area newspapers and television stations

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